We Are StreamCasting


How It Began…

StreamCasting began as a division of a Boston-based multimedia production company which produced TV and Radio Commercials and other audio and video content. In 2007 it became apparent that our streaming media services were growing rapidly and needed their own brand. Soon after StreamCasting was born. We have an industry-leading, knowledgeable team paired with the most powerful “network of networks” in the streaming business. StreamCasting, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts with globally located datacenters.


About StreamCasting

StreamCasting leverages the latest, proven streaming technologies and applies them to your needs to create a custom solution for your live and on-demand audio and video streaming needs.  We are at the forefront of ever-changing streaming technology with service offerings including Virtual Reality/360° streaming, one stream to any screen and much more.

We hope our website will help make things simpler for our present and future streaming clients and will also become a great knowledgebase and source of news on the latest streaming industry developments.

“The whole conference was a hit with our membership. We provided a valuable service to those who couldn’t attend. It was great. Thanks again.”

James D.